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UOL is proud to announce the development of The AMO Residence a luxurious brand new property

Jul 1

AMO Residence is new luxury condominium development that is located in the famous Ang Mo Kio estate of District 20. The development will comprise 372 units that vary in size from one bedroom up to four, and caters to a variety of potential buyers. It's been some time since there was a significant growth in the area following Jadescape's acquisition. Jadescape is located on Shunfu Road.

Amo Residence update its distinctive site at the start of the breathtaking Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. It is situated on Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 and is surrounded by a low-rise land enclave located to the back of. Its uniqueness distinguishes it from other companies in a distinct manner.

Edgeprop Amo Residences is situated in the beauty of nature in the region. It has low-rise houses facing Bishan The Ang Mo Kio Park and Shangri-La Walk landed houses on its back.

There are many facilities available in AMO Residence. AMO Apartments. Amo Residences' function hall is an excellent spot to eat local food as well as the wet markets located at Kebun Baru Market and the Mall. Kebun Baru Market and Mall together with a hawker center as well as a range of cafes. In just a few minutes, you'll be able to locate Ang Mo Kio Hub, Thomson Plaza along with Bishan Junction 8, the primary place where the needs of shoppers are satisfied.

UOL has proudly created AMO Residence and Kheng Leong which were founded in Singapore more than 50 years back. The local real estate firm UOL Group has always provided high-quality residences for its clients.

They've got a wide range from notable developments in Singapore earlier in the time and before AMO Residence Condo. The future plans that are in development include Watergardens located on Canberra Avenue 1. and other projects that have proven successful are MeyerHouse, Amber45, and The Clement Canopy, among many other. The cost of an AMO house is an ideal option for homestay and investment buyers. Rent yield is calculated using the calculator at this site.

With the numerous prizes that have been awarded, AMO Residence buyers can purchase a luxurious home that has stunning panoramas of the parks and also overlooking the enclave portion that is landlocked. AMO Residence is located in the highly sought-after area of The Ang Mo Kio estate, situated at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 of District 20. UOL Development is proud to be the developer of The AMO Residence which is the most luxurious and new property.

The property was declared an agricultural area. The land was protected from secondary swamps and woodlands. This property was later added to the forest in accordance with maps dating all the way to Colonial America. Maps were first released in the year 1936. It was the first time people were aware of the map was through an essay that was published in 1849.

The map was compiled by J T Thomson, Government Surveyor who stated that the region was in "Amokiah" and was used as the title to describe the area back in the past.

The new condominiums rank 7th among the top cities in Singapore which include Ang Mo Kio New Town which was established in 1970. Since its founding, the city has received many amenities available via the condo. They are equipped with modern facilities and the possibility of investing in an investment property.

UOL is one of the most well-known Singapore listed property companies, with estimated values of around $20 billion. UOL is home to many residential and commercial properties that comprise investment and development properties and rooms and suites that offer services across Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America.