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Businesses That Focus On Garage Organization

Sep 6

Whether you utilize your garage as extra indoor-outdoor living space or for storage, it may significantly increase the size of your home. However, a lot of homeowners don't know how to arrange a garage and instead utilize it as a place to store their possessions. Garage organizing companies might provide assistance with this issue. To reclaim your garage for your vehicle, install tool cabinets, hang outdoor equipment from the wall, or even go vertical with overhead storage—or whatever solution you like.

While some businesses just provide improved versions of the standard garage storage system, others go a step farther and offer full-service home organizing. Regardless of their abilities, these are the best garage organizing firms.


The Garage Life

A total renovation could be required to optimize the usage of your garage; Garage Living may be the company to help. The company, which was established in 2005 and has more than 30 locations around the United States and Canada, starts every project with a free consultation in your home or in a showroom, where scaled drawings of the final design are shown using CAD software.

Garage Living can help with cabinets, wall storage, custom racks, and vehicle lifts in addition to more aesthetically pleasing upgrades like new flooring, garage doors, Slatwall panels, or specialty restorations. If you decide to proceed with a work, it will be completed by members of the team at Garage Living since the firm does not use subcontractors. Because all products are covered by warranties, consumers can depend on quality. Fill out a brief form to obtain a free consultation from Garage Living to learn more about the costs and features of a garage makeover.


Beautiful Garage

When Jared Newman founded Gorgeous Garage (then known as Monkey Bar Storage) in 1999, there weren't many other options available for arranging a garage in an effective manner. He designed his own system since he wanted one that made use of the whole vertical area while still allowed him to store his possessions and park his automobile inside. Now, Gorgeous Garage offers additional functional additions like sturdy overhead storage, shelves, slat walls, hooks, and bars in addition to more aesthetically pleasing ones like garage flooring.

Regarding vertical and overhanging storage collapse, have no fear. The Gorgeous Garage systems can support 750 pounds for overhead units and 1,000 pounds per 4 feet of shelving (with a 1000-lb overhead option). Additionally, the company offers a limited lifetime guarantee on all products when used correctly. When you purchase, you may choose colors from a range and be sure that components like hooks and bars can be adjusted as your requirements change.

To find the best option for your location, speak with one of the company's 120 authorized dealers in North America. An typical Monkey Bars shelf/rack system takes one day to assemble and costs between $1,800 and $2,400. Before the installation team arrives, try to move your stuff 4 feet away from the walls. However, the on-site personnel are happy to help with heavy loads.


NEAT Approach

Some garages need a thorough remodeling, which may include a disposal of undisturbed trash and the installation of a new system to keep the problem from reappearing, rather than just a new set of cabinets or a high-efficiency storage system. This issue has a remedy in the NEAT Method. This start-up company in California provides full-service organizing options for any room in your house and will manage the whole process for you.

There are three locations in Canada and over 80 in the United States for NEAT Method. Additionally, they provide transportation services to customers who lack access to a nearby office. Make an appointment for a consultation at your house so that NEAT may assess your needs and provide you a quote for its services. Then NEAT classifies and organizes everything in your space, separating out items that are no longer needed and placing the remainder in a sensible order. Set aside 20 minutes for a tour of the approval process (you don't have to be there for the full procedure).

After measuring your space, NEAT will come up with a system that will help you maintain your organization even after its staff has departed. NEAT then pays for, installs, and uses the system, leaving you with an immaculate setting. Depending on your location and available space, the cost of this service varies, but you should anticipate paying a fair amount for it given that you're receiving much more than a straightforward installation. On the company's website, you may see images of some of its work to provide potential customers design ideas.


What Is A Garage Organization Company, Exactly?

You might use storage solutions from a garage organization company to arrange your garage or carport. In comparison to indoor storage alternatives, cabinetry, hooks, overhead racks, shelves, and other outdoor storage options are more durable and weatherproof. Different companies give various levels of help after installation.


What Is The Price To Organize A Garage?

The vast majority of garage organization companies don't provide standard prices on their websites. To find out how much organizing your garage would cost, make an appointment with a local service. However, Gorgeous Garage, which estimates that the majority of its works cost between $1,800 and $2,400, could be able to provide you with an idea of how much a simple organizing system might cost.